Ancient-jewellery.com is the online showcase, for ancient jewellery and antiquities currently for sale. Items can be viewed by prior appointment. 

I am a fully qualified Archaeologist (B.A. hons) and small finds specialist, with over 25 years of experience in collecting and dealing with ancient jewellery.

I only purchase items from reputable dealers, auction houses and private collections throughout the UK and Europe.

Any British gold and silver jewellery (which has been excavated or detected), will have been checked and reported with the P.A.S (Portable Antiquities Scheme) when needed. If any item has been through the process, I will provide any links and documentation within the description. If none are to be found, then the item was either discovered prior to the implementation of the act (or not British). This site is also used by the treasure trove valuation committee when deciding the value of a newly discovered treasure! I will be happy to answer any questions relating towards potential treasure items that you may have found, being well versed in the legal obligations that may sound daunting to some.

I strive to provide accurate and educational information with each description, based on known datable examples from archaeological contexts. Each object having been researched and authenticated, is then sympathetically described and photographed to provide a glimpse into a past culture or time.

All the items I sell are authentic ancient pieces, with any restoration (if known) clearly described or highlighted.

I cater for a wide audience, my clientele as diverse as corporate investors, old private collectors and young archaeological enthusiasts (keen to own and handle a simple Roman ring).

My main area of specialty includes ancient jewellery, but I also deal in unusual and rare antiquities, antique silver and ancient gemstones (such as Roman intaglios and Cameos).

If find something unusual, or has a nice story to tell then I would usually buy it especially for you!

Each piece you purchase from me will provide many years of pleasure, not just as an object of wonder, but as a sound investment for the future.

I can usually be found at Grays Antiques, or perusing the stalls at coin & antiquities fairs throughout the UK (and Europe), searching tirelessly for the next unique treasure to offer you!

If you have something that you think may interest me (or wish to know a little more about something you own), then I welcome emails (email: sales@ancient-jewellery.com ) with clear photographs and measurements. I will endeavour to reply as soon as possible, though can be away from the office at times.